Prologue “Number Three”

The girl stood stunned, paralyzed with fear, looking at the body covered with blood lying next to her feet. She looked down at her hands, which were smeared with blood up to the elbows. She shivered. Through her body ran the most unpleasant shudder that she has ever felt. She wanted to scream, but she could not utter a single word, not a single sound.
Only after a few deep breaths she managed to bypass the corpse and look around the shabby apartment. On the wall she saw the old dusty mirror, and the reflection of her face. It was covered with dried red drops and streaks of blood. On her neck she observed a dark, pressed hand shape.
Her legs were shaking as the first day of high school, when she was afraid that she would not find any friends, that nobody would like her, and she would be lonely. However, this situation, could not be compared with the first day of school. She had no idea where she is, what happened and why she does not remember anything. Tears started falling down of her eyes pinching her face. She looked farther. Next to the old green armchair she noticed another dead body. Barely holding on she began looking for her bag and her cell-phone.
She searched the whole, small and neglected apartment. She decided to leave it and get help. But then she thought that she could not go out in this condition. She found the small stinky and dirty bathroom. She reached for the bath trying to turn the valves in every possible way. Unfortunately, to her disappointment there was no water at all.
When she got up from her knees she rushed to the door. On the white cracked surface she saw bloodstains. She panicked. She tugged the door trying to open it. The door opened with a unpleasant creak then she saw the spiral of steep wooden stairs running down.
She felt dizzy. She realized where she is. She did not know, however, why and how she got there. After a few breaths she put her foot on the wooden stair. Then she heard a familiar sound from the downstairs. She heard someone coming. The girl quickly returned to the apartment and began looking for any place to hide.
“Damn it,” said a male voice. “Didn’t I shut the door…” he wondered.
A few steps on the creaky, dusty floor covered with blood, the man stopped.
“One… two…” he started to count. “What the… Where’s number three?” He shouted. “Number three, where are you?! If you managed to survive, you’d better show up, so I could reward you.”
The man started to look around listening for the slightest murmur.
“Number three!” He screamed.


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